They say African’s don’t keep records of the story of their past in books, well, gone are those days, Africans now do.

History is a part of our lives, we must endeavour to pass it on from generation to generation, in view of this sociology task, a new book, less than 25 pages has been published by a culture promoter, Ọmọ Yoòbá. The little but powerful book contains the labelled anatomy and morphology of the human body in Yorùbá language.

Speaking with the publisher online, he gave a number of reasons why such a book no matter how small is necessary, here are his words :

well it is sad to hear that the Yorùbá language might go extinct in 80 to 100 years time if adequate steps are not taken. This is the reason for this anthology of what the Yorùbá people call the parts of the human body

Labelled parts of the human skin in Yorùbá

The book is yet to be published in hard cover back, which means it can only be downloaded online. The publisher also complained bitterly that publishing firms have not been encouraging young writers, especially those in the culture niche, but that does not deter him from pushing on.  Ọmọ Yoòbá made it known that he is working on other informative books about the Yorùbá cultural heritage and he implored Show Time Naija to look out for the unique books. 
Further more, the culture enthusiast hinted that, come April 2017, students from selected schools in Nigeria will be locking heads to win the grand prize for the maiden edition of the Yorùbá quiz;Ìdíje Ọmọ Yoòbá.

Follow Ọmọ Yoòbá @yobamoodua or send an email to for any questions that you may have.

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Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola, is waxing stronger everyday and it seems some people are still amazed how he was able to get to this height.

Interestingly, not just a few feel he must have visited a ‘babalawo’ (native doctor), who would have performed some sacrifices for him, which automatically boosted his  career.

But this is what the gifted actor has to say on that:

    “I never knew I would be successful as an actor; my belief has always been that God should elevate me in my endeavors . I always prayed that God should make me a successful person.
” some people say that I used Voodoo  or metaphysical powers to be successful. I hear when they say such but I tell everyone that I can never do such. During the graduation of my students last year, I addressed this issue because it was during that time people were peddling rumours of my demise. When the rumour of my death hit town,  some people said that I did ‘jazz’ to be successful. That was why during the graduation of my students last year, I said it in public that if I had ever thought of doing ‘JAZZ’ to succeed, God should make me lose everything I had ever worked for.”



The Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Babatude Adeyeye Ogunwusi shall sometime in October, 2016, tour major cities across Europe in an attempt to promote Yoruba Culture Awards, said the entire project, apart from bringing the Yoruba all over Europe together, would also help protect many of its cultural heritage from going extinct especially in that part of the world.

Speaking at a news briefing in Lagos, president of the group, Mr Adeyanju Toyin, said there were many Yoruba living in Europe who have lost touch with other origin, hence the need to reconnect them with their roots and save them from the loss of identity.

The main purpose of initiating this tour was to help the Yorubas spread all across Europe trace their origin .

Over the years, AFRICULRA has gained recognition for celebrating culture within African communities in Europe America.

“This year, we are taking the Ooni to Germany, Netherlands,  Austria and Hungary to meet with the Yoruba people and encourage them on why they must continue to embrace their culture regardless of the society they now find themselves.

“During the visit, his imperial Majesty would confer awards on eminent sons and daughters of the Yoruba race and others”.


Kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree of tropical Africa. Like other African tribes, the Yoruba ethnic group regards kola nut as important.

An ancient story has it that the kola nut was the second tree that was planted in Ilé-Ifẹ̀ after the palm tree.

Obi as kola nut is known in Yorubaland is used to solidify friendship ties and settle quarrels among warring parties.

Aside kola nuts been used to settle disputes, these special nuts serves as symbolism at major traditional ceremonies like: wedding, child naming, prayers and so on.

People eat kola for certain reasons, some chew kola to stay awake at night, some chew it to keep hunger at bay, others eat it for its caffeine.

Kola comes in varieties, in Yorubaland are Kola nitida and kola acuminata; obi gbànja and obì abata respectively.


Before going into the 5 facts about okra, a quick description of the plant is necessary.

The plant okra (okra is said to be an adoption of the Igbo word for the plant) is a flowering plant in the mallow family, in Nigeria there are different names for the edible green seed pods of this African indigenous plant. The Yoruba speaking people calls it Ila, the Ibo people know it as Okuru/okwuru, while it is called Kubewa in Hausa. When made into soup it is called obe ile, ofe okwuru, miyan kubewa in Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa languages respectively.

Either cooked or boiled, okra is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C & D, calcium, zinc, folic acid, riboflavin, iron, and magnesium. The edible plant is low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol, this make it a good source of protein, nutritionists recommend okra as cholesterol control agent and also for weight reduction.

It is said that the famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra love to eat okra. Below are 5 facts on okra –

  1. Okra as an anti-biotic
  2. Prevents diabetes
  3. Heals ulcers
  4. Improves vision
  5. Makes heart healthy

Aside these 5 facts on okra, there are more to this plant, dig into it and you will be amazed.


I love the okra draw soup, do you?



Babatunde Omidina
Baba Suwe- Stargist Image

Last year rumor had it that popular comic actor Babatunde Omidina a.k.a Baba Suwe is set to re-marry, but in a reaction, the comedian denied the rumor.

Speaking on the subject matter, he revealed conditions that will make him re-marry, “before ican re-marry, I need to search for a woman that I am sure would take care of my children as if they are hers, I am looking for a woman who would give me peace of mind in my house, that is the kind of woman I am searching for”.

To the ladies, as they say, e fit be you o!



Mercy Aigbe

Yoruba Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe recently comes out to lash the editors of Thisday style magazine from omitting her from the list of best dressed act at the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).  “So I just came back from church and decided to check Insta only for me to see tags on particular pix posted by Thisday Style …” she says.

“I read comments, asking why Mercy Aigbe isn’t on the cover, and first I wanted to WAKA PASS, but on a second thought I decided to talk talk about it, cos its been an issue for a while now!’.


I am like, why didn’t Mercy Aigbe make the cover of Thisday Style best dressed list?

Personally, I usually adore Mercy for her dressed sense, always on point. I thought to myself, has Thisday Style ever featured a Yoruba Nollywood act on their cover?

Isn’t Nollywood supposed to mean home grown Nigeria movies?

These are my views on Mercy Aigbe’s matter, you may have yours, what are your thoughts?