Have you ever wondered how Yoruba films are made?

As if confirming the fear that many people have about Yoruba movies, seasoned actor, Dele Odule, has said that only a small percentage of films from the ‘Yoruba’ section of the industry are scripted.

Critics have observed that poor scripting is the bane of many Nigerian movies, including Nollywood products.

Odule noted that, as far as Yoruba films were concerned, it was a carryover from old theatre practice from which many of the practitioners evolved. He said,

“it is true that many Yoruba films are not scripted. They are 30 percent scripted and 70 percent improvised. It boils down to the way theatre practice started and those who started it before the emergence of theatre scholars who now combine the raw talent with the theory of theatre”.

Odule made this known recently when he was hosted by the Ibadan Film Circle, an online forum created by ace director, Niji Akani.

No wonder it is usually easy to foretell the conclusion of Yoruba films before the conclusion.

It is an advice for Nollywood, let us write our scripts (screenplay) as it is expected of us, so as to show the professionality in the game.

Afterall, Nollywood should be for professionals.


Nigerian award winning actress Bikiya Graham-Douglas, has been selected among Africa’s biggest and talented theatre actors to perform at the 2016 Cape Town Fringe Festival, which will take place from 22nd of September to 8th of October 2016.

WAIT is written by Dipo Agboluaje, directed by Kenneth Uphopho and produced by Beeta Universal Arts Foundation, This critically acclaimed piece first debuted at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin, Ireland as part of the Africa Day Conference 2015 and also showcased at the British Council Lagos Theatre Festival 2016 to a rousing audience. It highlights the strength of the African woman as she challenges a system that forces her into early marriage and tries to deny her an education because she is a woman.

According to her:

“I’m thrilled WAIT has been selected. Girls should be allowed to be girls, their innocence should not be stolen by forcing them into early marriage and every woman has a right to be educated.  The message of WAIT is important and I’m honored to lend my voice to the cause.”

Bikiya stays true to her core of promoting Theatre Arts in Nigeria, and is becoming one of Nigeria’s sought after stage performers and actresses. She has successfully starred in and produced a number stage shows alongside starring in movies, such as For Colored Girls, Surulere, Flower Girl, The Vagina Monologues, Iya-Ile, Lunch Time Heroes, Shuga and she can also be caught in the season 6 of Jenifa’s Diaries amongst others. She will once again be the power house that she is LIVE on stage at the Theatre Festival in South Africa representing Nigeria.

Beeta Universal Arts Foundation is being supported by Ford Foundation to participate at this important event on the Continent’s Art Calender.

Showing Details below:

Venue: Cape Town City Hall Auditorium, Darling St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Show days and time: SEP 22ND 17:00, SEP 23rd 19:00, SEP 24th 17:00, SEP 25th 19:00, SEP 27th 17:00 & SEP 28th 21:00

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Comfirm! Its true that the movie 30 Days in Atlanta, by renowned comedian, AY goes into Guinness book of record.

Page showing the records. Movie Money, Guiness

A mile stone was achieved fotlr Nollywood, when it was announced that the movie 30 Days in Atlanta, produced by popular comedian AY has received recognition by the Guinness book of record.

This would be the first nigerian movie to achieve such a fit. We have other nations films on that list, its good Naija is now on the record list.

30 days in Atlanta by Ay was released last years.

I like that part when that Oyinbo spoke pidgin. It bursted my bubble. Authentic plot, setting and characterization.

AY I hail o!


Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola, is waxing stronger everyday and it seems some people are still amazed how he was able to get to this height.

Interestingly, not just a few feel he must have visited a ‘babalawo’ (native doctor), who would have performed some sacrifices for him, which automatically boosted his  career.

But this is what the gifted actor has to say on that:

    “I never knew I would be successful as an actor; my belief has always been that God should elevate me in my endeavors . I always prayed that God should make me a successful person.
” some people say that I used Voodoo  or metaphysical powers to be successful. I hear when they say such but I tell everyone that I can never do such. During the graduation of my students last year, I addressed this issue because it was during that time people were peddling rumours of my demise. When the rumour of my death hit town,  some people said that I did ‘jazz’ to be successful. That was why during the graduation of my students last year, I said it in public that if I had ever thought of doing ‘JAZZ’ to succeed, God should make me lose everything I had ever worked for.”


Journalist turned film maker, David Danisa is set to premier his first major feature film, Chameleon.

The film, was inspired by the oil thieves in the oil producing area of the country.

Danisa’s experience as an energy correspondence, and the fact that he grew up in the Delta, gave him the opportunity to see so many things.

The cast of the film were selected from different countries, in other to set the plot well, to portray the diverse people partaking in the shady oil business.

Chameleon was shot in some parts of Lagos, Calabar, Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels.

The film featured the producer, David Danisa, Juliana Rosa, Michael Fourage and a host of other international acts.

Chameleon will be in Nigerian cinemas in this month of August.


Once upon a time , Lilian Bach was one of the happening babes in Nollywood, every audience want to see her act.

The babe really charmed so many, especially with her light skin complexion plus a pretty face to match.

But somehow, the actress no longer grace the screens. Nothing was heard about her. Her fans felt she is no longer in the scene as new acts have overtaken her.

But in an interview few days ago, the dashing actress informed that she practically ran out of Nollywood when the piracy scourge could no longer be controlled, as it kills ingenuity.

Lilian became a producer before her hiatus, she blamed her long break on the bitter experience she had as a producer.

“I purposely took a break from doing movies. I became a producer and I wanted to be doing my own movies but piracy couldn’t let me.

“In Nollywood, experience is actually the best teacher; nobody really tells you the truth. You have to go through the experience to find out what others are suffering from.

“We cannot continue to ignore the fact that piracy was been trying to bring the industry down.

“That was why I took a break. I couldn’t continue producing movies without recouping my money. It is not a good thing”.

The half-cast actress was born in Lagos  (Lagos Island precisely), her father is a Polish, while are mother is of Yoruba descent. She has acted in a couple of films, Outcast being the most loved, or I may be wrong, but personally, I love that movie.



2016 has not been a bad year for actor Daniel K. Daniel, he was the recipient of the Prestigious Award and the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award, as well as Africa Movie Academy Award in the best actor in lead role category respectively.

Already perceived by not just a few to be an arrogant guy, so many people had the feeling that winning such awards would further fuel Daniel’s ego.

But in a recent chat, D.K.D as he is fondly called, said he is erroneously perceived to be a proud person.

“I have heard it over and over that I am arrogant but that is not the kind of person I am. Really, some people might have that idea but when they spend 10 to 15 minutes with me, they would find out that I am a jolly good fellow.

” Every man has a sense of pride, I have it too but that doesn’t mean I am arrogant. I am not a proud person. “

D.K.D further said:

“Winning awards wouldn’t change his personality or turn him into what he is not.

“The awards haven’t changed me either. It would be stupid to change who I am because of the awards. I would be stupid to try to become or act like some other person that I am not. I am still myself and I work 90 per cent of my time.”



Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin certainly is not bothered about marriage, has she has been busy, working on her new effort titled, Owo NairaBet.

According to the actress, she’s channeling all energy in her new project, determined to make a good movie.

Of the notable stars that would be involved in ‘Owo Naira Bet’ includes: Yemi Solade, Antar Laniyan and Baba Ijesha.


For many of you that think entertainment have to work round the clock, Nollywood actor Jude Orhoha does not share that view.  The Delta state born actor for a month has been on vacation.

Speaking with Showtime Naija, the actor said it is so important for entertainers to observe a moment rest. Adding that too much work weigh down the system.

Jude revealed that he would be resuming work in a week time.


Over the years, Alexandra Okoroji has not been frequent in movies (I have not seen her in a while) but she is pretty doing well with her online radio show, Naked Talk.

The sexy Alex Okoroji said she is still very much into her acting career and she is not ready to quit.

“I can never quit acting. I’m always going to be an actor and I can’t wait to surprise many people who are yet to realize the depth of my creative abilities.”

“I believe in exploring other areas of the art, like writing and it has tremendously helped me to grow as an actor. No one has ever complained about my competence, I’m a now take actor. I’ve done a few films recently and the directors and crew can testify to my intense level of depth and internalization.”

“The only thing is that I don’t make so much noise about the movie projects I’ve done in recent time because I feel like I have no right to do so until the producers decide they want to champion that themselves. Sometimes, the  thing about acting in some production is that it makes me feel like a mere contract.

Of course, I’ve been contracted but it is on the basis of ‘come, shoot, get out!’. It should be more than that. I should feel like every project I’m part of is my baby, irrespective of who is producing or directing. And I that baby to succeed”.