Gidi culture festival, being a beach front gathering of free-spirited people, whose sole purpose is to have fun on a sunny day through a host of activities and performances will require that attendees, celebrities and performers dress as casually and as freely as they can, taking into consideration, the activities, the sandy environment and prevailing temperature in the city of Lagos.

Gidi Fest attracts people from across the continent and it is a custom for fashionable festival goers to look their best, even when casually dressed. This makes the festival a go-to place for identifying fashion trends and most importantly, there will also be sales of fashion pieces on-site.

Considering previous editions of the festival, it is clear that the following constitute some essential components of a Gidi Fest attendee outfit as well as other necessary items:

–          Sunshade: To protect your eyes from sun glare.

–          Knapsack/ backpack/ Fanny pack: For storing carry-about items.

–          Sneakers/ Sandals/ Slippers: To navigate the sandy beach.

–          Face cap/ Hat: To shield your head from heat and sunburn.

–          Sunscreen: To protect your skin. This may need to be reapplied.

–          Light make-up:  Because of the unpredictable weather.

–          Mid-size towel: To dry yourself when perspiring.

–          Wristbands: To spice up your appearance.