One of the fast rising songstress, to look at for in the Nigerian music industry is Imanse. Imanse’s sound is original, but also eccentric.


You will definitely dig her singing pattern, as a host of music reviewers admit falling in love with her music the first time they heard it… seriously speaking, the babe head dey there.

Imanse’s sound is a fusion of Afrobeat, Pop, R&B and Soul music, she takes you on a nostalgia of sweet melody and great hooks of the good old days.

Original Somebody is a follow up of her first song “Gbona” featuring Falz The Bad Guy.

In “Original Somebody”, she boldly played with different Nigerian languages which makes the afro-dance song ‘orijin-al’.

Many do not know that out of highlife Abami Eda (Fela) made Afrobeat, the groove of Original Somebody will intrique high life lovers.

“Original Somebody”, a witty love song that has Imanse’s signature guitar strings by ace guitarist; ‘Fiokee’.

The song was produced by DJ Coublon and written by Imanse and Klem.

Before her own songs hit the radio, she has been a songwriter,  she has written several songs for a Broadway play in Maryland in the US, “No Limit” which was a huge success.

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