MediaGuide.NG Magazine is out with a brand new edition titled “The Characters That Kept TV Alive for 11 Weeks”. This edition of the magazine covers BBNaija, undoubtedly the biggest show on African TV so far this year.
According to Kolade Akeni, the publisher of MediaGuide.NG magazine, “Now, we live in a world where our screens (TV and mobile) house unlimited pool of contents. Audience fragmentation has never been more pronounced. The case was different between January 22 and April 9, 2017 when every day was like a single-event-day and every Sunday night was like a National election night. It took us back to the days when TV was like the only place to get entertained”.
“The self-scripted show left at least a talking point each day, from TBoss and Miyonse to Bisola and TTT. Even Ebuka, the only character out of the house, had a way of giving us something to talk about, especially on the night he had two microphones on for an entire one hour show”, he continued.
This edition highlights some of the major talking points that we won’t forget in a hurry. It also has all the latest happenings on TV, Radio, Cinemas, Events and more covered in this edition.
The edition will be available for sale from Monday, May 15th.
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